What Information Would be Leaked From Your iPhone

Most of the iPhone players don’t know, when they joined the free open wifi hotspot at the local coffee shop. The data being transmitted from their iPhone to the internet is unencrypted! When surfing an unencrypted public wifi hotspot your iPhone reveals a ton of information.
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Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com is now available

You can choose to deploy a Flash-based app or Air-based desktop clients with Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com. It is now available. It is fully integrated with Force.com, using the Force.com Flex framework, you can start developing truly game-changing, cloud-based, You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, this is all provided by the Force.com platform. enterprise productivity apps. More details:
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How To Uninstall Flash Player Completely In Windows and Mac

We can’t uninstall the Flash Player by simply clicking on the uninstall button. The standard uninstallation of the Adobe Flash Player is not successful, the reasons can be data corruption, hard drive errors or that somehow Flash files have been deleted manually that throw the uninstallation of course.

If there are 2 versions of the Flash player plugin in your OS(probably one for IE, the other for Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome etc), both need to be uninstalled before Flash has been removed from the system.  Below is a tutorial about how to uninstall Flash Player completely, hope it will be helpful for you. :)

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How To Install Adobe Flex Builder Linux(alpha) In Ubuntu

Linux is invincible and incredibly responsive compared to Windows. :)
Linux Flash Developers can simply install Adobe FlexBuilder for Linux(alpha). *Flex Builder 3 for Linux alpha 5 was released on 11/24/2009
Here is details:
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16 Useful AS3 Mathematical Formulas

The mathematical calculation will be used regularly in our Flash/Flex applications, there are many open source libraries we can use, but not all of them are always suitable. For example, if we only want to calculate the distance between two points, import a library will be superfluous. Here is a list of 16 Useful Mathematical Formulas In ActionScript 3:
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