A Very Beautiful VISTA Clock By Flash ( With Source Code )

Now we will introduce a very beautiful Vista style clock by Flash. It is strengthened by filter effect then the background color looks very comfortable.( PS: Everytime open the background color is difference). I found it on FlashAs. It seems there are many interesting things there but didn’t give the author’s link. If someone knew please don’t hesitate to provide. Please download the VISTA clock swf and fla source coder here:

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Ajax Photo Gallery — Vista Web Photo Gallery

As blog is more and more popular now, photo gallery become one of essential  part of it. I think most of you are familiar with all kinds of photo gallery. Now we will introduce one based on Ajax to you. Vista Photo Gallery is a photo album builder help you to create and publish photoes for your blog or website. It is very easy to use and has Data/Time Grouping function. You could also manage your photos by Tags. Of course there are other basic function like photo editing and EXIF Support. Whatever browser you use, it will also suit you. More detail please see the following URL.

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