How To Uninstall Flash Player Completely In Windows and Mac

We can’t uninstall the Flash Player by simply clicking on the uninstall button. The standard uninstallation of the Adobe Flash Player is not successful, the reasons can be data corruption, hard drive errors or that somehow Flash files have been deleted manually that throw the uninstallation of course.

If there are 2 versions of the Flash player plugin in your OS(probably one for IE, the other for Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome etc), both need to be uninstalled before Flash has been removed from the system.  Below is a tutorial about how to uninstall Flash Player completely, hope it will be helpful for you. :)

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How to Uninstall Adobe Air Application in Ubuntu

It is not so difficult to uninstall Adobe Air if you have the relative experience. But I still remember the first time when I tried to remove it. It really took me long time then I found it could be deleted in control panel directly. Now how about the Ubuntu? If you still remain the file *.air, then congratulation. What you do is just double click the file and choose the option Uninstall. But if you have deleted it after installed, what can you do? Please follow these steps given by wanfahmi.

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