DestroyTwitter — Another Twitter Application Based on Adobe AIR

We have introduced many Twitter applications of Adobe AIR in previous articles. ( It seems Twitter is very popular in AIR development. ) This time the DestroyTwitter is a very distinctive one. You could not only insert 140 characters URL but also upload twipic. Then following is the features about DestroyTwitter on YouTube:

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Toro: a Small Adobe AIR-based Twitter Client

If you are fasionable enough, you will be familior with the Twitter. Twitter is a variant of instant message which allow users to sent their own latest news and ideas to not only individual but also mobile or website. Twitter has many client for example: TweetDeck and the Toro which introduced in this article. Toro is a smill Adobe AIR-based Twitter client. Although it still in beta testing, it really very convenient to use. If you are using Twitter, why not have a try?

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