14+ Basic Tutorials For Away3D

In previous articl :How to Create Flex/Flash 3D Application by Away3D , we have known something about Away3D. As you know Away3D is a very very powerful 3D engine. It will help you saving more time when develop the flash game. But it is not so easy for the beginners. Following is more than 14 very simple and basic tutorials for Away3D. Hope you will enjoy them.

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A Video Tutorial About PHP Working With Flex

How to realize the PHP working with Flex? It seems not a problem for the senior Flexer but if you are a beginner then following video tutorial will be helpful to you. It is about 1 hour 19 minutes equal to a lesson. If you have time why not see the video?

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A Classical Tutorial: How to Create Sector Menu

Ok, we have introduced a Classical Skin Tutorial of Flex: KingnareStyle. Now let’s continue classical tutorials, this time we will put eyes on Sector Menu. It seems a little complex but this article is very detail in fact teach you step by step. I believe you could well understand it. If you have interesting please read it and create one by yourself.

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A Classical Skin Tutorial of Flex: KingnareStyle

If you are bored with your application skin availabled now and want to built one by yourself. If you are looking for the tutorial as this. Now I will introduce the following article for you. It has very detail description and explained how to built a skin step by step. If you have read it I believe you must could built a skin of your own style. Why not try it at one? Say Goodbye to the boring skin and change a new one with your mood everyday.

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An Excellent PureMVC Tutorial

In article Renju Game Builted on PureMVC, we have introduced the excellent frameword: PureMVC. It is not difficult for those developer who have rich development experience of AS3. But to the beginners maybe have some problems. Althout it belongs to lightweight, still has a certain amount of code and the structure is not so simple. The following is a very detail tutorial for PureMVC with code explanation. Although it just explain the Pipes a part of PureMVC. But through the part you could know more about the whole.

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How to use ArrayUtil Class? One of the as3corelib Tutorial

as3corelib is an excellent open source package. The class inside is very convenient to use. But so pity we could only find a JSON sample on its official website. It is so difficult for Flex beginners to understand these classes. Now let’s thank Hydra1983, he has written the serial tutorial for as3corelib. Now the work is still in progress. We could read some first.

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