A Testing Framework For Flex 2/3 – Reflex Unit

Reflex is designed to be a drop-in repolacement for Flax Unit. The features for Reflex Unit include: Simply specify the name of a class containing testable methods and added to the TestSuite automatically. It will only excute one test method at a time and the test methods maybe defined within the classes they are testing. More detail need your try. You can get more information and download it in following URL:

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FlexMonkey: Another Open Source Flex UI Testing Tool

We have introduced Fluorida a flex testing tool in Fluorida – An Open Source (Maybe) Auto-testing Tool for Flex/Flash . But too pity the code hasn’t been publiced by now. Never mind there is another tool which named FlexMonkey also released on Google Code. It seems has strong power on the UI module testing. What important is the code has been opened and the instruction is very detail. Then it’s easily for you to understand how to use it. Why not have a try now?

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