More Than 100,000 Free Fonts Make Your Flex UI (Skin & Theme) Outsanding

There is tutorial in previous has introduced how to create Skins and Themes like 15+ Strongly Recommend Tutorials You Must Read for Creating Skins and Themes( UI Design ) in Flex and we aslo have many many free icons in hand (480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex). Then what else we need to create own outsanding Skins and Themes? The answer is Fonts. Don’t ignore the importance of font although it’s too common. If you could use it intelligently in Flex project, it will give you the effect like put a cherry on the top. Following is the list of font resource, there are more than 100,000 for your choice. Why not add it in your favorite at once?

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Tutorial About load Skins When Flex Run

In previous article A Classical Skin Tutorial of Flex: KingnareStyle we have introduced how to produce skins we needed. Then next step is to load the skins. There are two way to realize the loading skins in flex: graphical and programmatic. The graphical is more simple but programmatice is stronger in function. I found a tutorial about upload skins when flex run maybe will help you. Although wrote in 2006, it still very useful. If you are interested, please visite following URL:

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A Classical Skin Tutorial of Flex: KingnareStyle

If you are bored with your application skin availabled now and want to built one by yourself. If you are looking for the tutorial as this. Now I will introduce the following article for you. It has very detail description and explained how to built a skin step by step. If you have read it I believe you must could built a skin of your own style. Why not try it at one? Say Goodbye to the boring skin and change a new one with your mood everyday.

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