Tutorial About Realize Authentication By Use Of Flex and PureMVC Framework

Now the enterprise class applications generally more consider on security, then authenticatioin is a common and necessary security means.Following tutorial shows how to realize authentication by use of Flex and PureMVC framework. About PureMVC framework we have introduced more in previous article. If you are interested please visit following article address:

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An Excellent PureMVC Tutorial

In article Renju Game Builted on PureMVC, we have introduced the excellent frameword: PureMVC. It is not difficult for those developer who have rich development experience of AS3. But to the beginners maybe have some problems. Althout it belongs to lightweight, still has a certain amount of code and the structure is not so simple. The following is a very detail tutorial for PureMVC with code explanation. Although it just explain the Pipes a part of PureMVC. But through the part you could know more about the whole.

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Renju Game Builted on PureMVC

Renju or called Lianzhu is a trandition game with long long time. PureMVC is a lightweight framework which use as3 to create applications. It is based on the classic MVC and is a open source project. It could be running on any platform for As3.0 application. actionscriptnotes.com built a Renju game on PureMVC and opened the code.

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