What is a "Good Book" About Flex in Your Mind

If you are in the habit of reading books and at the same time you are a developer about flex. Then what is a good book of flex in your mind? If you could list them? Since it seems so difficult to find one satisfied by everyone. But Tomas has listed several key factors what he thought for a good flex book. Now if you agree with him?

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Five Flex/AIR Book Attract You Eyes

On the seantheflexguy.com, Sean Moore has made a list of five nice Flex/AIR books in 2008. In fact there are not so many Flex/AIR books in market then these books are worth to read. If you have interesting and enough time, you may also try to write one. Maybe there is one of your book in the 2009’s list. The following is the five books, you could buy them in amazon.

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