126 Adobe AIR Application List

Adobe AIR permit users to create web program run on desktop without browser supporting. Riadocs was kind enough to collected and made a big list of 126 Adobe AIR application. But it seems there is some set up problem of his blog Reweite, can’t visit the article normally. Then we catch the list unconventionality.

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Flair — An On-line Creating Flex/AIR Application Project

Flair helps users to create own Web or Desktop Flex application. In other words, add control or define all kinds of UR, event  directly when Flair run. It’s a better idea. Now you could download the Demo version from the Google Code. The basic control is realized in Demo ( add them by double click ), but moving operation is a little trouble. If you are interested why not have a try now?

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Tutorial About How To Develop Cross-Platform Adobe AIR Application

Adobe AIR application could run on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows which be installed AIR runtime environment. But any two systems has no same interface. Following is a basic tutorial about how to develop cross-platform Adobe AIR application written by Charles Ward. It tells you how to develop cross-platform Adobe AIR applications better. Worthy of a professional writer, it is really worth reading. Why not have a try now?

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FCG – A AS3 Code Generator Based On Adobe AIR

It is a AS3 code generator based on Adobe AIR. I noticed that the main reason why using AIR is to render HTML in Flash Player. You could hack an online version by Flash IFrame. Code generator combined with framework usually is an very useful tool. But it also has disadvantage. Sometimes framework is customized which different from common framework. Of course one framework couldn’t adapt to all situations. Then the problem is how to supply on-line user-defined code generator tool? Following is the answer:

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Ruboss Framework: Adobe Flex and AIR Application Simple Efficient Integrated With Ruby On Rails

In previous article Python, Twisted Working With Flex , we have mentioned the fast and efficient of Python. In fact there is another language which is very populared by its amazing speed. It is Ruby. Ruby actually like a hodgepodge which combine the essence of Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada and Lisp. It makes Ruby so simple just like the life of course I mean for the user.

Ruby on Rails is a relatively new Web framework built on the Ruby language. Its goal is to make life or at least the web development life more easy. Actually it’s a full stack open source web framework based on Ruby which could be used to write application program and the code is less than most framework deal on XML. The efficiency of development is higher than other language because the Ruby is designed very easily using. If using the framework like the Ruby on Rails then the efficiency will be more amazing.

If Adobe Flex and AIR could integrated with Ruby, I’m afraid this is what many Flex/AIR developer expected. Peter Armstong and Dima Berastau has bring us the Ruboss Framework.

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AFIO( Advanced Flex I/O ) – Framework Similar To Java I/O But More Easy To Use Written By AS3

AFIO ( Advanced Flex I/O ) – The project name on Google Code is advancedflex. It is an open source frame for Adobe Flex, AIR and Flash developer written by AS3.0 and MXML. It seems the author has changed the project name in the development process. Of course it is just my conjecture. There is a series development package on the authors blog. If you are interested in it could also download them together.

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A Preferences Manager of AIR: CPreferencesManager

If you have met the problem: When you have changed some settings of your application and want to access them directly when launched the next time. What will you do? It could be very easily realized by regedit for the MFC. But if the AIR 1.1, it currently still doesn’t supply the simple function for this problem. Then following is a class may help you to solve this question. If you need could use it freely.

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Toro: a Small Adobe AIR-based Twitter Client

If you are fasionable enough, you will be familior with the Twitter. Twitter is a variant of instant message which allow users to sent their own latest news and ideas to not only individual but also mobile or website. Twitter has many client for example: TweetDeck and the Toro which introduced in this article. Toro is a smill Adobe AIR-based Twitter client. Although it still in beta testing, it really very convenient to use. If you are using Twitter, why not have a try?

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A Simple But Very Useful AIR log Class

In the article the list of helpful Flex or Flash debug tools, we could find many flex or flash debug tools. But for some applications, maybe we don’t need to input the whole package debugging. Following is a class which very simple but could meet basic debugging function requirement and could be used easily. Following is the code:

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Five Flex/AIR Book Attract You Eyes

On the seantheflexguy.com, Sean Moore has made a list of five nice Flex/AIR books in 2008. In fact there are not so many Flex/AIR books in market then these books are worth to read. If you have interesting and enough time, you may also try to write one. Maybe there is one of your book in the 2009’s list. The following is the five books, you could buy them in amazon.

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