A Tool For ActionScript Development – ASDT

ASDT is an open source plugin which built on top of the Eclipse ( we have introduced it in article A Multi-language Software Development Platform – Eclipse ) platform to develop software targeted to the Flash Platform. It requires Java 5 JRE, Ecilpse 3.2 and MTASC. You can write ActionScript2 code in an integra environment by using of it. You can get latest information of it in following URL:

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An Open Source Configuration Tool For ActionScript 2/3 – Sprouts

The Sprouts written by lukebayes is an open source, cross-platform project. It is a generation and configuration tool for ActionScript2/3, Adobe AIR Flash and Flex. By using of it you could easily build scripts, remote managed libraries and automatic install dependencies like the Flash VM and a variety of compilers and tools. It could work on OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista and many flavors of Linux. You could get more information in following URL:

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Pair – ActionScript 3 Implementation of Python Library

Pair is an ActionScrit 3 implementation of python library. It embedded python interpreter with py2ap and py2exe. The AIR application configuration options are stored in a project XML configuration files. Then it could generate configuration HTML/CSS styled report from the config files, including documentation for all build settings. If you are interested it, you could get more details and download it in following URL:

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MTASC – An Open Source Free Compiler For ActionScript 2

MTASC is written in the Objective Caml by the Motion-Twin. The MTASC not only could compile large number fo .as class files in a very short time but also generate directly the SWF bytecode without relying on Macromedia Flash or other tools. Then could be used alone or with other tools like swfmill to produce SWF files. It improve the speed on the Macromedia Compiler and corrects several safety problems when using MMC. You could get more detail and download it in following URL:

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FAR (FlashArchive) – Command Line Tool For Creating ZLIB Compressed Archives

The FAR (FlashArchive) is a command line tool for creating ZLIB compressed archives can be streamed in progressively from the Flash player at run-time. It is using the provided ActionScript 3 API. The FAR consists of two parts:

  • A command-line utility (OSX/Windows/Linux) for creating FAR archives.
  • A set of AS3 classes to read FAR archives from Flash.

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C Preprocessor for ActionScript Project

The C Preprocessor for ActionScript project is integration of Make/C Preprocessor into Adobe Flex 2 SDK, along with IDE integration tips and some handy preprocessor macros and classes. It provides a few makefile based methods to invoke various flavors of C preprocessor on ActionScript 3 code destined to be eaten by MXMLC. It is tested under jEdit, Visual C/C++ 6, Visual Studio.Net and in CMD under Windows and BASH under Linux. Download please visit following URL:

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AS3Commons – Collection Framework String Utilities For Actionscript3

AS3Commons based on Liscense: Mozila Public License 1.1(MPL1.1). It bring you some well know java.(langlutil).*goodies, like a collection framework, string utilities for actionscript3. It could be run on almost all the operating system. You could download it on following URL:

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Enlarge – Preprocessing Tool For ActionScript

EnLarge is an open source ActionScript preprocessing tool extends the wonderful Jappo project with Flash-specific functionality. It is designed to help Flash content and framework developers, who want to support a common API for different language and player versions. It provides a set of capabilities, enabling the development of a single code base that targets Flash Player (7, 8 and 9), Flash Lite 2 and GNU Gnash. Why not to have a try now?

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Enjoy 23 Design Patterns in ActionScript

Hello you must think why we should use Design Patterns and what are they? How we can use them? You must  have known many design patterns written by Java and C#. Following is the articles introduced 23 design patterns in ActionScript. You must have a try.

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