An Ideal Data-Interchange Language – JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)

JSON is a lightweight data – interchange format. It is not only easily read & written by humans but also parsed & generated by machines easily. JSON is a completely language based on the JavaScript uses conventions which are familiar to C, C++,C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and many others. If you are interested, following URL will show you more details.

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Strongly Recommended 15 AJAX Accordion Plugins

If you met a problem like the naviation bar for Outlooke: there are many options and need to save the space. Then choose the accordion plugins maybe a good idea. It could help you expand or stretch the content. The accordion have been used in Windows application for a long time but for web it seems not so easy.

But as the popular for Ajax and JavaScript, it could be realized by only several lines code. The user also can write own plugins. It seems so easy, doesn’t it? Following is a list of 15 AJAX Accordion Plugins. If you are interested in it, why not have a try now?

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A Mature Programmer’s Text Editor in Java – jEdit

In previous article A Free & Open Source Source Code Editor (MIT License) – FlashDevelop we have introduced a excellent .Net script editor: FlashDevelop. Then in this article we will introduce you a programmer’s text editor which very ease of use. It is the jEdit which written by Java and a free open source software. The main features as following:

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AJAX Animator — An ExtJS Based Open Source Web Application Creator

AJAX Animator 0.2 released in Aug 08. It is a open source project use AJAX, provide  standard, online, collaborative, web-based animation development kits. It uses Richdraw/OnlyPaths vector graphic editor. The animation created by AJAX Animator could be transfered to some general formats. By clicking “File” to save or open JSON based file format and permit user exporting all kinds of format like Adobe Flash, Processing (language), Microsoft Silverlight (XAML) and Animated GIF. If you are interested please see the following features:

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Ajax Photo Gallery — Vista Web Photo Gallery

As blog is more and more popular now, photo gallery become one of essential  part of it. I think most of you are familiar with all kinds of photo gallery. Now we will introduce one based on Ajax to you. Vista Photo Gallery is a photo album builder help you to create and publish photoes for your blog or website. It is very easy to use and has Data/Time Grouping function. You could also manage your photos by Tags. Of course there are other basic function like photo editing and EXIF Support. Whatever browser you use, it will also suit you. More detail please see the following URL.

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An Ajax Application Based On GWTPHP Having Gorgeous Interface No Less Than Flash/Flex

Flash/Flex application because of its gorgeous interface and strong expressive performance is more popular than the sister Ajax. But after seeing the following application, we must to say the word ” gorgeous ” not only belongs to the Flash/Flex application. Then whether it’s true or not need your own real experience.

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