A Preferences Manager of AIR: CPreferencesManager

If you have met the problem: When you have changed some settings of your application and want to access them directly when launched the next time. What will you do? It could be very easily realized by regedit for the MFC. But if the AIR 1.1, it currently still doesn’t supply the simple function for this problem. Then following is a class may help you to solve this question. If you need could use it freely.

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How to Upgrade Adobe Air Beta Under Ubuntu

Ubuntu has own very gorgeous designed interface. It is so cool to run the Adobe AIR like Twhir under Ubuntu. With the Adobe Air Beta released, I think most of you are bursting to upgrade it. If you didn’t install and upgrade it as root from the beginning, you must meet the permission error. Then if so what you do could delete the orginal copy and install new copy? Following article has detail introduced how to do it. If you have the same question, why not have a try at once?

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GMDesk: A Tool Help You Access Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Picasa and etc. On Your Desk

When you use the service supplied by google like Gmail, Google Calender, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Reader and Picasa, do you think it over if could access these program by the desk application? Then the GMDesk just for you. It based on Adobe AIR, by the way it’s an open source software. If you have interesting, let’s have a try.

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Toro: a Small Adobe AIR-based Twitter Client

If you are fasionable enough, you will be familior with the Twitter. Twitter is a variant of instant message which allow users to sent their own latest news and ideas to not only individual but also mobile or website. Twitter has many client for example: TweetDeck and the Toro which introduced in this article. Toro is a smill Adobe AIR-based Twitter client. Although it still in beta testing, it really very convenient to use. If you are using Twitter, why not have a try?

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How to Uninstall Adobe Air Application in Ubuntu

It is not so difficult to uninstall Adobe Air if you have the relative experience. But I still remember the first time when I tried to remove it. It really took me long time then I found it could be deleted in control panel directly. Now how about the Ubuntu? If you still remain the file *.air, then congratulation. What you do is just double click the file and choose the option Uninstall. But if you have deleted it after installed, what can you do? Please follow these steps given by wanfahmi.

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Five Flex/AIR Book Attract You Eyes

On the seantheflexguy.com, Sean Moore has made a list of five nice Flex/AIR books in 2008. In fact there are not so many Flex/AIR books in market then these books are worth to read. If you have interesting and enough time, you may also try to write one. Maybe there is one of your book in the 2009’s list. The following is the five books, you could buy them in amazon.

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Icon Generator Basic On Adobe AIR

Icon Generator is a small compact icon generator based on Adobe AIR and allow you to create CS3 or Web2.0 style icon easily. What you need to do is just 3 steps: choose the color –> input the Character –> save. You could create 4 different size icons. It’s very convenient then why not have a try at once?

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