What Information Would be Leaked From Your iPhone

Most of the iPhone players don’t know, when they joined the free open wifi hotspot at the local coffee shop. The data being transmitted from their iPhone to the internet is unencrypted! When surfing an unencrypted public wifi hotspot your iPhone reveals a ton of information.

– E-mail passwords for unprotected accounts
– The contents of e-mail sent or received from unprotected accounts
– The contents of e-mail pushed to the iPhone by Yahoo! Mail
– Unencrypted Web page contents—typically anything not involving e-commerce or banking
– The list of stocks followed in the Stocks widget
– Map information requested with the Maps widget

Depending on your surfing habits, you could be sending and receiving(your iPhone traffic) personal information in a non-secure way over public wifi. Though most email services use SSL to protect login information. (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and .Mac). Rent yoursenf a VPN account would be another good way.

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