Flex 4 Books “Effortless Flex 4 Development” Available

Larry Ullman, a well known author of many technology books released a new book called “Effortless Flex 4 Development”.
Here is Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Building Flex Applications
Chapter 2: Basic User Interface Elements
Chapter 3: The ActionScript You Need to Know
Chapter 4: Event Management
Part 2: Data and Communications
Chapter 5: Displaying Data
Chapter 6: Formatting, Rendering, and Validating Data
Chapter 7: Common Data Formats
Chapter 8: Using Simple Services
Chapter 9: Using Complex Services
Part 3: Application Development
Chapter 10: Modularizing Applications
Chapter 11: Improving the User Experience
Chapter 12: Windows and Popups
Chapter 13: Improving the Appearance
Chapter 14: Effects and More Events
Chapter 15: Testing and Deploying

More details here:

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