An Intuitive & User Friendly 3D Engine in ActionScript 2/3 – Sandy

3D technology is more and more welcomed by people. It is well used in game, flash development and commercial use like product displaying. Then find a good 3D tool is very important. Sandy is an open source Flash 3D engine can be used in AS2/AS3 and HaXe. The main features like: Viewing volume clipping for perfect interior scenes rendering. Advanced shading effects such as (Phong, Gouraud, CelShading, flat shading). Material system to easily change your objects appearance. Several material are available allowing to create transparent faces, bitmap texture and video texture as webcam video stream. You can get the demo and more information in following URL.

BTW: you can find more useful 3D engine in the list 9 Excellent 3D Engine For Flash/Flex/AS

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