A Free ActionScript Editor For Macromedia Flash Files – SE|PY

SE|PY is a free ActionScript editor which written in python and wxPython. The author wrote it because he was not satified with the Flash built in editor, if you have the same feeling like him then you could have a try for the SE|PY. It could be used in editing Actionscript, FlashComm asc, JSFL and XML files but also can be used for evry kind of text file. Following is its main features:

  • Code folding (collapsing/expand) , code highlighting
  • Auto Completion for default flash functions
  • Auto Completion with the user added functions (in current document only)
  • View documents in tab mode
  • Zoom
  • Panel with all inserted functions for all active documents
  • Flush Support (Flush, compile, test movie, view output) for Flash mx 2004 too
  • Print out and save html document from your .as files
  • Smart Snippet panel, todo panel, file panel, flash api panel
  • ClassBrowser integration
  • Lines Bookmarks
  • Flash mx 2004 project file integration
  • Possibility to define classpaths (add the autocompletion)
  • ClipBoard management
  • XML structure reader (for dom and Xpath query)
  • Flash integrated Help panel
  • Program localization with gettext
  • Automatic JavaDoc creation from methods
  • Collapse/expand javadocs comments
  • Syntax checker, with MTASC

You can get latest new and download it in following URL:


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