FAR (FlashArchive) – Command Line Tool For Creating ZLIB Compressed Archives

The FAR (FlashArchive) is a command line tool for creating ZLIB compressed archives can be streamed in progressively from the Flash player at run-time. It is using the provided ActionScript 3 API. The FAR consists of two parts:

  • A command-line utility (OSX/Windows/Linux) for creating FAR archives.
  • A set of AS3 classes to read FAR archives from Flash.

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C Preprocessor for ActionScript Project

The C Preprocessor for ActionScript project is integration of Make/C Preprocessor into Adobe Flex 2 SDK, along with IDE integration tips and some handy preprocessor macros and classes. It provides a few makefile based methods to invoke various flavors of C preprocessor on ActionScript 3 code destined to be eaten by MXMLC. It is tested under jEdit, Visual C/C++ 6, Visual Studio.Net and in CMD under Windows and BASH under Linux. Download please visit following URL:

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