Flashstone Transform – An Open Source Framework Help You Generating Flash File

By using of Transform, you could easily reading & writing Flash(.swf) and Flash Video(.flv) files. It is an open source framework. Then following features may attract you:

  • Full support for Flash 7, with Flash 9 coming soon.
  • Access to all of Flash giving full control of the Player.
  • Generate Flash files for any version of the desktop Flash Player.
  • Generate Flash Lite files for mobile phones and devices.
  • Easy to use API allows you to edit any flash file.
  • Comprehensive 2-D API to draw shapes from arbitrary complex paths.
  • Use OpenType or TrueType fonts to display text.
  • Direct support for generating images using JPEG, PNG and BMP files.
  • Add Event and streaming sounds from WAV and MP3 files.
  • Plugin architecture for adding decoders for new image and sound formats.
  • Java JDK integration adds support for AWT Fonts and ImageIO readers.
  • Open Source, BSD licence is free for commercial use.

You could get more information in following URL:


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