AS3converter – An Ant Task Small Collection Of AS3

ASconverter is an Ant task and some scripts to aid porting ActionScript2 projects to ActionScript3. It is very helpful when you need to keep developing the main product in AS2 and want to port it to AS3 at the same time the code fork seems too difficult. Then why not try it now?

The features as following:

  • Rewrites AS2 classes in AS3 syntax

  • Automatic ‘override’ inserting

  • use @scope javadoc tag to change output function scope

  • use @default to insert parameter defaults in to output function

  • ability to specify AS3 equivalent classes, such as MovieClip → as2.toplevel.MovieClip, or org.chaps.MyStringLibrary → org.chaps.utils.MyStringLibrary.

  • ‘Void’ to ‘void’

  • Small collection of compatibility classes to provide api compatibility

    • MovieClip

    • TextField

    • Stage

    • Mouse

  • Ant task that uses swfmill to create an AS3 asset library class using an existing swf.

More detail and download please visit following URL:

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