Servebox Foundry – An Actionscript3 Java Framework Designed For Flex2/3 Applications Development

Generally to say the ServeBox Foundry ( sbasfoundry ) is an ActionScript 3 Java framework designed for Flex 2 applications development. It based on several design patterns. You could also find more information about the projects and tips, tutorials about Flex and Java on the following URL.

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AS3converter – An Ant Task Small Collection Of AS3

ASconverter is an Ant task and some scripts to aid porting ActionScript2 projects to ActionScript3. It is very helpful when you need to keep developing the main product in AS2 and want to port it to AS3 at the same time the code fork seems too difficult. Then why not try it now?

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AS3Commons – Collection Framework String Utilities For Actionscript3

AS3Commons based on Liscense: Mozila Public License 1.1(MPL1.1). It bring you some well know java.(langlutil).*goodies, like a collection framework, string utilities for actionscript3. It could be run on almost all the operating system. You could download it on following URL:

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Enlarge – Preprocessing Tool For ActionScript

EnLarge is an open source ActionScript preprocessing tool extends the wonderful Jappo project with Flash-specific functionality. It is designed to help Flash content and framework developers, who want to support a common API for different language and player versions. It provides a set of capabilities, enabling the development of a single code base that targets Flash Player (7, 8 and 9), Flash Lite 2 and GNU Gnash. Why not to have a try now?

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AS Class Exporter – A .NET Utility Help You Save More Time

Why AS Class Exporter born? It based on the developer’s own needs maybe you are headache now.. It is a .NET utility that extracts the names of the classes compiled in a set of swf’s, searches a defined classpath to find the referenced classes and copies the .as files found in said classpath to an output folder chosen by the user.

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Enjoy 23 Design Patterns in ActionScript

Hello you must think why we should use Design Patterns and what are they? How we can use them? You must  have known many design patterns written by Java and C#. Following is the articles introduced 23 design patterns in ActionScript. You must have a try.

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25 Photo/Image Applications Based On Flex/AIR

Maybe you are very familior with Photoshop. In fact it is a very excellent photo edit software, you could modify or resize your photoes easily by using it. But if you want to try something new and experient different feeling. Why not look the following article, it introduced more than 25 cool photo edit software based on AIR and Flex. Continue reading “25 Photo/Image Applications Based On Flex/AIR”

Teach You How to Set Background Color For DataGrid Headers

Maybe you are headache for how to set the background color for headers in DataGrid. It seems there is no option of setting background-color in DataGridColumn. Then following article supplied a solution for you. You could easily understand it. If you have interesting why not try it at once? Continue reading “Teach You How to Set Background Color For DataGrid Headers”