AJAX Animator — An ExtJS Based Open Source Web Application Creator

AJAX Animator 0.2 released in Aug 08. It is a open source project use AJAX, provide  standard, online, collaborative, web-based animation development kits. It uses Richdraw/OnlyPaths vector graphic editor. The animation created by AJAX Animator could be transfered to some general formats. By clicking “File” to save or open JSON based file format and permit user exporting all kinds of format like Adobe Flash, Processing (language), Microsoft Silverlight (XAML) and Animated GIF. If you are interested please see the following features:



Ajax Animator 0.2+ Features

  • Context menu on timeline
  • Vector Graphic Editor (RichDraw/OnlyPaths)
  • Multi-Layer Support
  • Saving/Opening JSON-Based file format
  • Animation Browser
  • Preview
  • Color Picker
  • FAQ
  • Manual
  • Timeline-Tooltips
  • ExtJS 2.1 UI
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • About Ajax Animator
  • Tip Of The Day
  • History
  • Shared Clip-Art Library
  • Full Undo
  • Properties Panel

You could fine the source code on Google code:


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