OpenFlux – An Open Source Component Framework Based On MVC (Model-View-Controller)

In article Renju Game Builted on PureMVC we have introduced PureMVC which all Flexers knew a development framework based on MVC. Then next we will introduce OpenFlux to you. It is also based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) although it isn’t perfect as PureMVC. Its purpose is to customize own development components more easily and quickly for developer and you needn’t to worry it will effect other components. Since it is based on MVC, every component of OpenFlux is constituted by three core parts. They work with each other to definite the API (model), graphics (view) and component activity (controller). The difference between OpenFlux and Flex components is the former separate logic from MVC framework which make you easily substitute one part of components for another when remain other components function.

You will be surprised on its customize function. It seems very strong and the code is so simple. Why not have a try?

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