About How to Add SWC Files in Flex Builder

Maybe you are looking for the answer how to use SWC files in Flex Builder. Then following intruduction may help you to solve this problem. In fact it just need a few steps. At first let’s see the sentences from Adobe official. What is SWC files.

A SWC file is an archive file for Flex components and other assets. SWC files contain a SWF file and a catalog.xml file. The SWF file implements the compiled component or group of components and includes embedded resources as symbols. Flex applications extract the SWF file from a SWC file and use the SWF file’s contents when the application refers to resources in that SWC file. The catalog.xml file lists of the contents of the component package and its individual components.

Then how to use SWC files in Flex Builder?

1. Open Flex Builder

2. Click “Project” → ”Properies”

3. Choose “Flex Builder Path” in left

4. Choose Library in right

5. Click “Add SWC”, choose the SWC file which want to add then click “OK”.

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