What is a "Good Book" About Flex in Your Mind

If you are in the habit of reading books and at the same time you are a developer about flex. Then what is a good book of flex in your mind? If you could list them? Since it seems so difficult to find one satisfied by everyone. But Tomas has listed several key factors what he thought for a good flex book. Now if you agree with him?

  • What are my options in integrating Flex / Grails ? ( BlazeDS / Flex Plugin / REST services )
  • How do I make my build process more efficient / integrated? ( Maven / write own plugins )
  • How do I add Search? ( Lucene / Searchable plugin )
  • How do I make my website Search Engine Optimized, accessible? ( Deep Linking / Content Negotiation )
  • How do I integrate with third parties and present alternative content? ( Facebook, iPhone views, Mail, Paypal )
  • How do I manage my content / assets ? ( Scaffolding, transients )
  • How do I support multiple Languages? ( i18n template, i18n-domains )
  • How do I scale my content? ( Mor.ph, Amazon EC2, Terracota, Solr )
  • How do I support AIR / Flash? ( Localconnection, REST services / XML )
  • How do I transform my legacy database / data into one that is Flex ready? ( GRAG )

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