A Video Tutorial About PHP Working With Flex

How to realize the PHP working with Flex? It seems not a problem for the senior Flexer but if you are a beginner then following video tutorial will be helpful to you. It is about 1 hour 19 minutes equal to a lesson. If you have time why not see the video?

3 thoughts on “A Video Tutorial About PHP Working With Flex”

  1. So far this has been very helpful. Once I figured out I had to to create a PHP project and then ‘apply flex nature’ to get around those pesky Root URL and Root Path queries I was never able to supply satisfactorily…So a week later now and I am really getting annoyed here trying to find/generate a services-config.xml file. “Boilerplate” is just fine, but if you don’t have a one as a base it’s kinda hard to modify it…

    WTF? Is this supposed to be generated by FDT in project creation? As for finding an example/template online… when you start getting search results in Chinese from Google that’s usually a sign your not going to find what your looking for. As for trying to type out what i can barley see in this video not gonna happen.

    How do I create a services-config script?

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