Away3D 2.2: Let’s Enjoy The Charming of 3D By RailAway Express

If you are interested in the article How to Create Flex/Flash 3D Application by Away3D then you will not miss the following content. I think the Away3D impressed you with its powerful function. Now let’s enjoy the RailAway Express, maybe you will also shocked by the thrills it brings to you. It is a so cool and very nice demo based on Away3D 2.2. If you have played the roller coaser in amusement park, you could review the scene which riding the small care moving rapid whipping motionalong along oval track in it. Now have a try at once!


Following is some new features of Away3D 2.2:

  • Collada bones support and improved features
  • Triangle caching
  • Bounding box and bounding sphere calculations
  • PathExtrude, PathAnimator and PathDuplicator
  • Simple shadows
  • Object based renderers
  • Obj Exporter
  • ElevationModifier
  • Elevation2AS3

    Following is detail instruction of the Demo ( Click the image could access the demo )


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