How to Create Flex/Flash 3D Application by Away3D

3D always give the cool feeling and be used more and more. Its advantage in products showing for commerical (@see Show Your Products In 360 Degree View In Flex). Maybe you think too difficult to do it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t means you should do it step by step by yourself. There is too many open source 3D engine free for use (@see the list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash). We could create own 3D application fast at the same time don’t pay more attention on the details by these 3D engine. Away3D is one of the best engine.

flashmagazine wrote a tutorial teach you create own 3D application in 1 hour. It seems so good, the original article is here: Create the Earth and heavens in less than an hour with Away3D. Following is the effect, you could have a try by move your mouse.


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