FlexMonkey: Another Open Source Flex UI Testing Tool

We have introduced Fluorida a flex testing tool in Fluorida – An Open Source (Maybe) Auto-testing Tool for Flex/Flash . But too pity the code hasn’t been publiced by now. Never mind there is another tool which named FlexMonkey also released on Google Code. It seems has strong power on the UI module testing. What important is the code has been opened and the instruction is very detail. Then it’s easily for you to understand how to use it. Why not have a try now?


* Records and plays back Flex UI interactions
* UI Interactions can be edited and replayed
* Generates FlexUnit TestCases.
* Integrated with FlexUnit.
* Handles all Flex UI events
* Uses Flex Automation API to provide native control over your flex app. Requires no javascript or browser plug-ins to use.
* Unit tests are written entirely in ActionScript. No other programming or special purpose scripting languages are needed to develop comprehensive UI test suites.
* Non-invasive. Requires no modifications to your application source.



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