Generate Flash Quickly by PHP

Just enter a few simple PHP code then a flash SWG will be shown automaticly. Maybe it is what the web developers looking forward. Now the Ming( helped us to realize this dream. The library is written in C and could be packaged in C++, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl.

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OFCGWT: A Simple Chart Widget for GWT based on Open Flash Chart 2

OFCGWT is a simple GWT based on open flash chart 2 which has been released not long ago. It read the GWT client data through modified OFC4J from POJO component. It need OFC 2.x support.

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Icon Generator Basic On Adobe AIR

Icon Generator is a small compact icon generator based on Adobe AIR and allow you to create CS3 or Web2.0 style icon easily. What you need to do is just 3 steps: choose the color –> input the Character –> save. You could create 4 different size icons. It’s very convenient then why not have a try at once?

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14 Excellent Papervision 3D Examples

It is so simple if use Papervision 3D to realize the 3D model conversion, 3D model rendering and other related operations. Of course include other basic 3D effect realization functions. has published 14 Papervision 3D examples. It has source code and simple explain. Following is the list and original article address.

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Let’s Enjoy Flash Game Together

I spent a few time to setup a flash game platform: Enjoy Flash Game Online last weekend. It has 4000 online flash games by now and will be added more and more in following days. Hope you will enjoy them during the busy work or study time. Let’s have a break and relax your brain.

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