A So Cool Fisheye Component

Maybe you will call it “FishEye or “Cover Flow” or “Dock Menu”. Ok, no matter what you call it, it is just a effect. In Cover Flow Effect supported by Keyboard in Flex we knew how to realize the move effect by keyboard. In Create Fish Eye Menu Fastly by ComponentOne we’ve learned realize the effect by ComponentOne. Then following is another similar component. What the difference is it could realize the 1D, 2D effect.

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A Simple But Very Useful AIR log Class

In the article the list of helpful Flex or Flash debug tools, we could find many flex or flash debug tools. But for some applications, maybe we don’t need to input the whole package debugging. Following is a class which very simple but could meet basic debugging function requirement and could be used easily. Following is the code:

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JSF Flex – Creating Flex Components as Normal JavaServer Faces Components

JSF Flex full name is JavaServer Faces Flex which goal is provide users capability in creating flex components as normal Javaserver faces components include the necessary SWC and SWF files. It uses the JSON, JavaScrip and ActionScrip. The developer even doesn’t know the Adobe Flex could create professional Flex components by using it. The most exciting  is that the project is fully open source. You could know more about it in Ji Hoon Kim’s home.

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Pop-up Multiple Selection Control Component in Flex

There is no multiple selection control component in flex. If want to realize this function we need to save the choosen data in somewhere . Of course it could deal with the problem also but takes more time. Someone have written a component which solved the problem on flex cookbook. You could use it easily when you need.

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Five Flex/AIR Book Attract You Eyes

On the seantheflexguy.com, Sean Moore has made a list of five nice Flex/AIR books in 2008. In fact there are not so many Flex/AIR books in market then these books are worth to read. If you have interesting and enough time, you may also try to write one. Maybe there is one of your book in the 2009’s list. The following is the five books, you could buy them in amazon.

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RemoteFileList – a Very Useful File Operation Component of Flex

RemoteFileList include four parts: RemoteFileGrid, RemoteFileTile, RemoteFileList, RemoteFileHList. You could create a file management or photo browse easily. What you need to do is just call the related function in the MXML. It also support forward, backward and other navigation function and files delete, copy , move, create…these basic function. If you are interested could have a try.

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How to use ArrayUtil Class? One of the as3corelib Tutorial

as3corelib is an excellent open source package. The class inside is very convenient to use. But so pity we could only find a JSON sample on its official website. It is so difficult for Flex beginners to understand these classes. Now let’s thank Hydra1983, he has written the serial tutorial for as3corelib. Now the work is still in progress. We could read some first.

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