AutoScrollManager: A Class of Scrollbar When Mouse is Moving in a Specified Area and Mouse Button Down

I don’t kown if you have met the problem in flex project of the mouse control. For example like the right-mouse function(@see Replace the Flex’s Default Right Click Menu) and so on. When the list has fixed width and height and the context is too many to display. Then what you need to do? Of course you need an AutoScrollManager. Now you don’t need to write it by yourself. Someone has finished this job. Following is the original text and URL.

Problem Summary: In a flex project, I need to insert an object to a object list which is derived from Container component. However, the list has fixed width and height, and the items of the list are too many to display one-time. So i have to scroll the list to the proper position then drag the object from a panel and insert it. I need a convenient way to complete this. I worte an AutoScrollManager utility to help myself.


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