AutoScrollManager: A Class of Scrollbar When Mouse is Moving in a Specified Area and Mouse Button Down

I don’t kown if you have met the problem in flex project of the mouse control. For example like the right-mouse function(@see Replace the Flex’s Default Right Click Menu) and so on. When the list has fixed width and height and the context is too many to display. Then what you need to do? Of course you need an AutoScrollManager. Now you don’t need to write it by yourself. Someone has finished this job. Following is the original text and URL.

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Give Me Your Hand If You Are Familiar With Mediawiki and RIA

RIAWiki is a Wiki site focus on the area of RIA. I hope you could not only fine the term like “what is RIA” in there but also the article like ”what the relationship between JavaScript and ECMAScript”.

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An Excellent PureMVC Tutorial

In article Renju Game Builted on PureMVC, we have introduced the excellent frameword: PureMVC. It is not difficult for those developer who have rich development experience of AS3. But to the beginners maybe have some problems. Althout it belongs to lightweight, still has a certain amount of code and the structure is not so simple. The following is a very detail tutorial for PureMVC with code explanation. Although it just explain the Pipes a part of PureMVC. But through the part you could know more about the whole.

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Renju Game Builted on PureMVC

Renju or called Lianzhu is a trandition game with long long time. PureMVC is a lightweight framework which use as3 to create applications. It is based on the classic MVC and is a open source project. It could be running on any platform for As3.0 application. built a Renju game on PureMVC and opened the code.

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Money Library – Help to Calculate Any Numbers and Money in Flex

These people who need to do the financial statemens maybe will feel so headche for the precision numbers and complex calculations. But the Flex has strong performance on making statements. There is a open source package name is Money on It claims that “The Money library (version: 1.3.1) is developed for calculating with arbitrary-precision signed decimal numbers and money.” If you have the problem on money why not try it at once?

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Setup Flash/Flex Development Evironment Under Unix/Linux

In article Using Actionscript 3 to develop Adobe Flash Content On Linux, have introduced how to develop flash on Linux step by step. As you know, flex could compile SWF by XML or JavaScript. It is free for SDK but charge for GUI. Someone has integrated the Flex SDK into the Emacs. Of course you could integrate it into your favorite Unix/Linux. Following is some very useful resource which could help you to realize it.

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Crousel Effect by Flash

Crousel effect controls the image rotated in photo collection. This function maybe is similar with these which have been introduced in following articles  Cover Flow Effect supported by Keyboard in Flex, A So Cool Fisheye Component,Create Fish Eye Menu Fastly by ComponentOne. But it could rotate not only in horizon, but also in vertical direction. Following is the Demo and Code.

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