how to turn debug on in Flex from server-side as well as from client-side for troubleshooting

When you encounter issue wit your flex app, one useful tool for troubleshooting is to turn on debug in flex to get some output that will provide some clue of the cause of he problem. Here is how to turn it on from server-side as well as from client-side:

1. From server side:
In the services-config.xml, set the logging level to debug, and set filters to include the service you need:

[Flex hotfix2] true
Endpoint.* Service.* Protocol.* Message.* DataService.* Configuration

See available pattern in doc:
2. To turn on trace in JGroup:
in jgroups-tcp.xml, add <TRACE/> tag just before the </config> line :


3. To turn on from client-side:
Make sure flashlog.txt is enabled, i.e, have the following setting in mm.cfg
See more details in the doc here

There is a good blog regarding mm.cfg here as well.
Then in your flex app, add the following tag:

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